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forgetmenot is an open source tool for tracking contacts - customers, students, escaped convicts, whatever - that allows you to store and structure information about each. Written in Ruby on Rails, it uses an MIT license which means you can use it freely for commercial projects.

The emphasis here is on building a simple tool that does the basics well. You can use any database supported by Ruby on Rails, the primary database targeted will be PostgreSQL ( and it will probably work with MySQL 5 too).

See GettingStarted for setup information, TroubleShooting if you have problems.

We currently (July 2007) have a highly functional CRM tool, with tracking of Contacts (with tags and dymamic, user-defined attributes) as well as Addresses, Groups and Activities. Main weakness at present is the user interface, which urgently needs attention.

Getting Involved

See GettingStarted to see where to get the code and how to sign up for the Google Group. At the moment you'll need a reasonable familiarity with Rails to find your way around, but the app should just work out-of-the-box (it's tested on MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL 8). There's a README which has any extra installation requirements.

Once it's up, have a look at the tests to see how it's put together. There should be tests for *everything*, though we don't yet have nearly enough documentation. Try:

  • rake doc:app - generates HTML documentation to doc/app
  • rake test (or just rake) - run all tests


... and keep an eye on